Regional chauvinism of political parties in

Naturally, therefore, the rise of regional demands was inevitable. They perform political activities with tremendous responsibility.

This long essay proved to be far more than an ordinary introduction; it was an original work of research and a sweeping history of the working class in the city from the s to the s that may long remain the standard work on the subject.

The regional parties which are formed in most cases on the basis of upholding their people dignity, culture, beliefs, language etc are more sensitive to these issues than a national party and they help in preserving and promoting the Culture and traditions of their land.

Essay on the Growth of Regionalism and Regional Parties in India

As a participant in seminars at Cambridge, in international conferences, and in other forms of academic gatherings, he provided inspiration for scholars in fields far removed from his own. The local Marathi-speaking population lagged behind in occupational status and education.

This has also paved the grounds for the emergence of regional political parties. Mumbai is what it is because of such investors or should I say outsiders.

An ideology is a collection of ideas. His insights prompted research on a wide range of topics in South Asian social history and politics.

Role of Regional Political Parties in India

The names of the headers do not necessarily imply some hierarchical order or that one ideology evolved out of the other.

In such a context they form the regional parties to solve their own problems. It is now a well-established fact that the city cannot take any more load. If the regional party comes in power in a province it tries to gain the maximum benefits neglecting the interest of others.

The Election Commission in India recognizes two types of parties: It soon became a powerful force, effectively claiming that Maharashtra belonged to Maharashtrians. Secondly, India is still not free from ethnic, racial and religious orthodoxy. The essay also highlighted the increasing political impotence of workers after The table below lists political parties that boast of a pan-India presence.

List of political ideologies Save In social studiesa political ideology is a certain set of ethical idealsprinciplesdoctrinesmyths or symbols of a social movementinstitutionclass or large group that explains how society should work and offers some political and cultural blueprint for a certain social order.

This often culminates in violence through strikes, bandh and in the worst case, attack on the other state people. Thus they form Coalitions and Fronts and the Leftist and right political parties appear as strange bed fellows.

Question arises should the emergence of the regionalism in Indian Politics be welcomed?. Regionalism in Indian Politics is fast spreading across various states of India. It has become a striking feature of the Indian political party system.

The rise of regional political parties have played significant role in the regional, state and even national politics of our democratic country.

The newspaper ‘The Hindu’ reported - “Revenue Minister G. Karunakara Reddy has said that religious fundamentalism and regional chauvinism pose serious challenges to national integrity. He said divisive forces were working rigorously to tear apart the social fabric of the country. Regional Chauvinism of political parties in india Essay  Regional Chauvinism And Political Parties In India ; Case Study Of MNS In Maharashtra Mohit Mehta Roll No.

43/13 Political Science I Submitted To Dr. Maheshwar Singh NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, DELHI. Political parties that are regional are not necessarily regionalist parties.

A "regional party" is any political party with its base in a single region, whatever its objectives and platform may be. Whereas "regionalist" parties are a subset of regional parties that specifically campaign for greater autonomy or independence in their region.

Regional, caste and community-based political parties will resort to competitive chauvinism, but what role should national parties like the Congress party and the Bharatiya Janata Party play?

The victory of the Congress party-led United Progressive Alliance in the election was viewed by many as the defeat of regional, caste-based and. Regional Chauvinism And Political Parties In India; Case Study Of MNS In Maharashtra Mohit Mehta Roll No.

43/13 Political Science I Submitted To Dr. Maheshwar Singh.

Regional chauvinism of political parties in
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